Thursday, 20 December 2012

Fitting at JC Buendia Atelier

It was always an honor experience for me to received formal personal invitation from important people and surely I really need something comfortable to wear that would simply fit my imagination.

I went to my dear friend, my favorite fashion designer JC Buendia's Atelier and while we're having our hot chocolate, at glance I saw a tiny doll wearing eye glasses and yellow dress. It was late President Corazon Aquino's miniature on his antique cabinet, suddenly I remember my mother.

My mother's favorite color was yellow. She said she loves the color yellow because it means "JOY" she is a cheerful lady and could make anyone laugh without any intention at all. She is one of a kind strong woman in her own gentle way of raising twelve children of her own. I love my lovely mother and I will always remember her brilliant wisdom, as well as her inborn sense of humor and her equal unconditional love, caring and concern to all her twelve children. She was the most loved Aunt, Grandma and friend at all times.

By the way, I am not really sure if it's also because she supported Tita Cory so much or perhaps she just loves the get ups of the former President of the Philippines "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" in her yellow dresses. I should say my Mother is kinda groovy in her own simple way. Hahaha! if you know her, with her simple fashionable style I guess you would agree with me. Wink!

This miniature made my day to write this story in my Diary.

Closer look on the miniature and more of JCB Precious Collections!

While waiting for my gown, I had a chance to check and took some photos of my favorite things in his atelier.

Hot chocolate and JCB 18th century tea cups!

I love this JCB pin cushion.

I love his painting as well as his younger days photos.
I may say this represents more of his classy personality.

Wonderful Eva with my yellow gown! 

The accent!

Thank you Eva for helping me in my gown
and also for the hot chocolate. Wink!

Thank you JCB for making me beautiful with your gown. 

JCB checking the fitting of my gown!

I am ready now! and in full confidence I feel like
I am Pilita Corales with my new gown!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Araneta Center

A very cool, refreshing and joyful Sunday field trip from South to North Bound going to Araneta Center to meet with, my high school friend.

Araneta Center is a commercial area in Quezon City, Philippines, owned by the Araneta family, brings in an estimated 1 million visitors daily. The centerpiece of the complex is the Smart Araneta Coliseum, the largest entertainment venue in Asia. It opened as the world’s biggest indoor arena in 1960.

The first time I entered Araneta Coliseum was when I was less than seven years old. We watched the Walt Disney Show. I love Bambi, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, all of them. My favorite was Bambi.

9:00 AM

The weather was cool and I truly enjoyed the festive yuletide atmosphere. Suddenly I remember my younger years with my family while going around. I remember the very spacious lots long time ago and now I almost  seldom seen an open space, all are full of tall buildings and I can't hardly noticed many old familiar places, but I can still felt the joy remembering my family Christmas day out after visiting the Stella Maris Convent. 

At night, we usually spent a little more time in the street while waiting for the famous COD Christmas presentation. While waiting you can buy your colorful sweet popcorn and cotton candies around. 

"The Palasebo" I still remember my father would carry me on his shoulder so I could see the show in a better view and I really enjoyed watching the moving mannequins. 

Being early was always an advantage. I was able to check some old familiar and favorite places during my childhood. I visited the Stella Maris in the nearby area. 

A glimpse shot of Stella Maris Convent
 Garden of St Francis.

The Stella Maris Chapel will always be my favorite.
I still vividly remember the nice altar's mural painting.

Celebrating the third week of Advent
over a simple breakfast at McCafe McDonald
with my High school classmate.

Nativity Display in-front of Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Garden

The Farmer's Market

The Famous Fruit stand at Farmer's Market

The Famous Fruit stand at Farmer's Market

The Famous Flower shop at Farmer's Market

The Famous Flower shop at Farmer's Market

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

2012 World Bazaar

The World Bazaar Festival show is held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. This is one of the most awaited bazaar every Christmas season and I always see this event ever since it was started. 

Way back history, were also one of the pioneer here in this event. We joined here five times, as exhibitor Havensols Collection for our collection of Blades and Swords and gifts, novelty items. My son could still vividly recalls all his wonderful experiences in this affair during our time, since he grew up visiting this place a lot, more during our stay.  I find to remember his childhood memories are partly here and still he could say this and there and that, he is very familiar with this kind of event as well as to the places like itself. "I should say, he feels at home to this event."

World Bazaar Festival ranks as one of the prime Christmas shopping trade shows in Philippines. Organized at Manila, the event World Bazaar Festival boasts of thousands of visiting participants, and I observed it's getting more now, looking for stylish, trendy and attractive gift items for their loved ones.

Apart from toys and gift items, fashionable jewelry items, stationery products, books, fragrances, plastic products, leather accessories and kitchen items are showcased during the event and the show offers ample business promotional and networking scopes to attending companies. 

Note: You can show your entrance ticket at the food court area and get a free shopping bag. 

The nativity at main entrance!


Christmas theme window display!

Christmas arrangements

Poinsettia lovers!

Variety of Poinsettia for only 250.00 to 300.00 pesos

The new version of Poinsettia ~ Mixed colors

Very new of a kind Poinsettia

I got the most new of a kind!
combination of red and green Poinsettia

Christmas tree arrangements with balls and twigs!

Christmas arrangements for tables and floors!

I got the small piece for my table!

Syrian Booth ~ Catholic and Muslims Religious items

Muslim arts!

Koran replica and other religious items!

Religious wall and table top decors!

Wide Hallway inside the hall

Lahar ~ frames and accessories!

Various accessories!

Bags and watches!


Unique table clocks!

Glow in the dark pillow cases!

Collars for only 100.00 pesos!

Wooden Plates and more

Kids art materials!

Dainty collections!

Movie in wide screen!

Christmas tree decor!

Waiting area with flat screen all around the kiosk

Nice spot for picture taking remembrance!

Grace PartyMaarty pliers!

Clay blush on!

Variety of foods!

Huge selection of Santa Clause Decor!

My favorite Santa store was here!
Hi to my "suki"! Wink!

Fun shot: Lined up Santa's and Me. Wink!

Thousands of guest!