Friday, 2 May 2014

Bloom Binmaley 2014

"Balayong" Tree planting project of Mrs. Josie Victorio, Tourism consultant in Binmaley, Pangasinan was one of the most promising tourism project I have ever imagine. The concept idea was brought about by JC Buendia to Ms. Monette Victorio and Atty. Fides Victorio, the idea was to bring a taste of Japan's Sakura to Pangasinan. For those on a budget, they can experience the feel of spring in Japan right in Binmaley.

Balayong is Cassia Javanica / Nodosa. It is also called Apple Blossom or Palawan Cherry Blossom. "Balayong" is a fast growing tree that flowers every March. Its timber appear to be similar to Narra, Acacia, and Ipil (light and dark brown combination). It is hard but easy to work with, also popular as furniture during Spanish colonial times. You can see Balayong wood on old houses used as structural members. It was used as flooring and cabinetry too. Balayong antique furniture is expensive and just like Narra, it is rarely attacked by termites.

Balayong" baby tree and the full grown "Balayong tree with flowers
Someday, pwedeng pwede na natin ma-enjoy ang beautiful Apple Blossom na ito
at the heart of Binmaley town.

Binmaley is a quaint little town in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines, and is located along the central coast-land of Pangasinan facing the South China sea, in between Lingayen and Dagupan City.

The Century Church of Binmaley, People's Park and the Binmaley Museum

The Court Library near the Museum. Open basketball court and mini park.

The Dr. Jose Rizal Monument where you can have some picture taking for your souvenir

"Limgisan na Tawir" Binmaley Museum

 Inside the Museum you can enjoy some collections like the;

"Antique sewing machine", donated by the family of late Mr. Eusebio and Mrs.Loreta Aquino of Mckinley St, Binmaley.

"Pasig",  19th century earthen jar served as storage in salt making in Barrio Caloocan Sur, Binmaley donated by Melendez family

"Belyag", is a type of basket which is made from bamboo used to place cook rice with banana leaves as under layer

"Sakote" is a type of fishing gear which is made from wood; carved to fit the waist fastened with rope; used by fishermen to pull or row the net of the fishing  boat into the seashore.

"Antique sewing machine", "Pasig", "Belyag" and "Sakote"

"Tabal" is kind of fishing net used to catch many fish

"Alo" Pestle "Lasong" Mortar used for pounding rice during the 19th century 

"Tabal" fishing net and "Alo" Pestle "Lasong" Mortar

I love Bloom Binmaley Beach!

Fine brown sand is not so hot to step on, even noon time we're all having fun.

Palaro sa Pistay Dayat at Bloom Binmaley Beach 

Happy Shots at Bloom Binmaley beach!

Palaro sa Pistay Dayat, Pabilisan magtali ng Alimango near the Bloom Binmaley beach.

Tree Planting site, the People's Park

Bloom Binmaley People's Park May 1st 2014

Mayor Sam Rosario and Mrs. Josie Victorio with their "Balayong" tree.
"Ceremonial Tree Planting"

Ambassador for Peace JC Buendia and Atty. Fides Victorio

Ms. Monette Victorio and JC Buendia

Free loom bracelet souvenir

Loom bracelet made by Julienne‬, her share of interest promoting Bloom Binmaley 

Someday, like this flowering tree, "Balayong" flowers will bloom and we will enjoy the flowing flowers above us and when we look down we could really enjoy those fell off  flowers from the trees creating wonders on our palms that would make you smile.

Existing trees nearby Binmaley Museum

Beautiful people of Bloom Binmaley

Our love and support to Mrs. Josie Victorio, Tourism Consultant
Bloom Binmaley!

Bloom Binmaley Crew!
Ambassador JC Buendia, IDr. Sol Albar, Professor Ralph Balmaceda,
Atty. Fides Victorio and Monette Victorio

Thank you so much Ambassador JC Buendia
Ms. Monette Victorio and Victorio Family

Ready to plant our "Balayong" trees JC Buendia, Sol Albar and Monette Victorio

Bloom Binmaley 
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