Friday, 30 April 2021

She Is My Wonderful Angel Sister Without Wings, A Cheerful Giver, A Friend Indeed!

Today, the 1st of May is another special day for me, my Mom, and all our siblings because a wonderful baby girl was added to our family and she was named after Mother Mary and Saint Joseph so she was baptist with the name of Maria Josefina, we call her Phine. Happy Birthday, Sister bestie! I wish all of the best for you, for us, in these upcoming years!

Another year has gone by! There are so many things that I wish I could give you this year, and you would deserve all of them. So to my Ate Phine, big sister, best friend on her birthday, here's a reminder of how amazing you are.

Saying that you're special is an understatement. I hope that you know this, and not just know it, but really believe it. We've been through so much, so I can honestly say what makes you stand out as the amazing sister is we turned to be the best of friend that we are. I'm one of the few lucky ones that get to know every single shade of you. The rainbow and black and white shades will always be our bonding moments to share at all costs for our lifetime.

You are super talented, amazing, beautiful, with a kind and wonderful heart that never forget to make everyone laugh. You are the best example of a cheerful giver who never expects anything in return. Many people love you all over the world and with that, I am very grateful to God for giving me a gift of you. I am more proud because I am your little sister with whom you shared a lot since I was born. We got fonds of moments and memories to celebrate with all the days of our life. The best laughter we could share at times is the things we've done crazy from the past. (Lista lng lahat sa calendar ng di nakakalimutan.)

Thank you, Lord, for giving my parents a wonderful daughter in her and for us to have a wonderful sister not just by blood, but by heart that even our parents are all in heaven she never forgets to share her kindness and whatever she has. I am happy about everything you achieved. All you do are God's reflection of goodness in this life.

We all have our insecurities, but honestly, yours are unfounded. You rock the best styles and know-how to carry yourself like no other.  (Ewan ko nga saan mo nakukuha mga sinasabi mong wisdom tumatama naman diagnosis mo. Hahaha)

I'm gonna get super cheesy on this next part but only because all special days need a sentimental touch sis, you're a positive light in the world, and anyone who knows you is lucky to have you in their life.

You are over the top hilarious. You can one-up my bad jokes with some actual good jokes. You always know a fun way to turn something bad into a slightly better situation. You know when to be funny when to be silly, and most importantly when to suddenly turn into a sarcastic bitch simply because. (Ewan ko nga ba talaga, mahusay ka maka isip ng kakaiba. Talentada ka nga talaga. Hahaha!) You have wits. You literally know how to navigate nearly any situation.

You're wonderfully imperfect. Any possible area that you lack only makes you more wonderfully relatable and gives you that edge that makes people want to gravitate towards you.

As we've grown closer over time, you have become my go-to for nearly any situation. I know that you will always have a wise thing to say, a great recommendation, and a different perception of whatever situation I'm struggling with.

You truly are one of the sweet people I've known, if not the sweetest. You have a way of making sarcasm sweet, which I didn't even know was possible. Being selfless comes so naturally to you and I wonderfully love you for that.

I love you, sis for all that you are, for all of our memories, all of the fun times, all of the times we've supported each other, all of the times we've grown. We've really become a part of each other's journey, and I wouldn't have it any other way. How will I forget when you taught me how to do my laundry and still dirty. Hahaha!

You're more than a sister, you're a true friend indeed. I love you like I always do and protect you and all that comes with that. Family sticks together, and sisters are the best friends one can have. Thank you for being a big sister to me more now that we are both married and have our own families we never changed. Hopefully, our children would love, care and look for each other even we're not around.

They say that everyone in our lives was for a reason. And since I was a baby, I’ve realized that this is nothing but the truth. Because fate had to have a reason to send you to me when I needed you the most. 

Me and My awesome Ate Phine!

I am the person who saw the good in you when you were at rock bottom and the one who had faith in you that you are destined for great things.

We love this kind of picture-taking!

I was the only one who was always honest with you and the only one who made sure you have to face the truth, no matter how harsh it was. You are a great faithful Wife, caring Mom, and fantastic loving Granny.

We love orchids, but then we realize there is none. Hahaha!

I always knew I am the one who loves you at your worst and who gives you the strength you need when you are at your weakest

When you want to have a solo picture!

Today is your day, but I also have a reason to celebrate. Today is the day my soul sister, my biggest strength, my shoulder to cry on, and my missing piece of the puzzle was brought into this world.

When her knees started to complain and we need to have souvenir shots!

Even though I don’t need a special occasion like this to realize that I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it, this is the day that I simply have to tell you how much you mean to me.

Newest Discovery!

Thank you so much, sister, for you are the one who helps me get back up on my feet every time life knocks me down on my hardest health condition and keeps me glued together every time I think I am about to break. I love you sister here, there, and everywhere. 

To be continue... (Papalakas lng muna again ng energy.)
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May 1, 2011
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Thank you so much, for reading. I am writing here from the heart to give not only my respect, love, and gratefulness, but more of having your love and support.