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Beautiful Heart of Solita Nazareth Lopez, Elder of Oasis of Love, Marriage Encounter Ministry

I will always be grateful to you Sister Lita Nazareth Lopez for your support and kindness. It would be impossible to count all the ways that you've helped me in my being a wife. Thank you so much for all that you've done to me and Tony. I only hope I can return the favor sometime in the future. Thanks for being a good mentor and for guiding me on the right path, understanding that serving God is not easy. You never left us out, ever all these years you always remember us in your events and occasions. Thank you for always remembering us and even before you go up you visit me in my dream. 

I remember one time, I was very young then, during our M.E. weekend, I am crying in the car because I don't want to be a treasurer anymore. I told Tony, I want to quit because I lost my patience to that one Core group Sister who is very hard to give her share. She always asks me to go to her husband, while her husband keep telling me that the money is with her wife. Pinuntahan mo ako sa car, at napabalik mo naman ako. Hehehe "Napaiyak talaga ako sa yamot ng taong yon." Hehehe

I can always trust her, I can open up my heart without any worry or judgment. I usually felt light and feeling good after hearing her words of golden wisdom. I love her way of being kind in words and indeed.

Sis Lita is a mentor for me
who allows me to see the hope inside myself.
Photo Taken April 10, 2016

I know Sister Lita Lopez for more than 2 decades, 25 years to be exact. We were classmates in Mama Mary Apostolate, Cursillo Class 1995 at San Isidro Labrador, Bulacan. Together with Sister Olive De Guzman, and late Sister Maricon Villamin. We were sponsored by a visionary lady, late Sister Emma Dizon and Rector Irma Agoncillo. 

My husband meets their husbands during the Mañanita. After that Mañanita our husband bonds each other, they were served with breakfast, while we're busy with our activities. 

When we reach home, my husband told me, that these ladies are elders of Oasis of Love and want to recruit us to their Marriage Encounter Ministry. We never lose our contacts, seem were really destined to be friends forever. 

After 4 days of live-in Retreat at Cursillo House, they invited me and Tony to attend to their 1st Oasis of Love CLSS live-out, Batch Genesis at Christ the King Seminary.

Then a year after, we were invited to attend to Marriage Encounter weekend in Saint Scholastica's Center for Spirituality in Tagaytay City. After that, we sponsored the next batch and we continue serving. Tony, become the photographer. I become the treasurer and I do some art gifts for the candidates.  

We're surprised to hear the sweet song by 2AM so all of us wearing pajamas we're lead to that balcony.

at San Isidro Labrador Cursillo House, Bulacan
I am on the 1st row,
3rd person standing from left.

Tony and Sol, Wine, Holy Mass Offering
Late, Father Bart and late,  Brother Carling
Oasis of Love
Marriage Encounter
Class #12 - November 21, 22, and 23, 1997
Saint Scholastica's Center of Spirituality,
Tagaytay City

The best way our mentor did is to prepare another leader so she and the core group was exposed to other great people. We're leveling up through deepening seminars. Now we know the difference between M.E. 1 to M.E. 2. 

Marriage Encounter 2
Deepening Seminar at Padre Pio Seminary
With Sister Lita Lopez, Oasis of Love M.E. Elder
and a Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines
Spiritual Director, Father Ruben M. Tanseco, S. J.

Couples Sister Lita, Bro Tong Lopez, and Sister Olive, Bro Jings De Guzman were one of the great couple leaders I met, they make the hard choice, and self-sacrifice in order to enhance the lives of others around them. Serving God is not a choice but a gift. God gave you the best gift so you can be a part of his Ministry. Many are called but we have different roles to complete the team.

I love talking to Sister Lita, she is sincere and genuine.

"Ganyan ko kinukulit si Sis Lita,
palabiro siya sa akin lagi nya ako pina Prank."

"Leadership is all about being passionate about what you do,
and having confidence in yourself and your followers
whom you have to motivate and inspire."

Sis Lita Lopez, Sister Olive De Guzman,
Me, Sister Irma Agoncillo

Oasis of Love,
Marriage Encounter Core Group Visit
and Support to Me and Tony
Photo Taken September 1, 2019

July 5, 2020
I had a dream, a wonderful dream. At around 10:00 PM. Sister Tita Lita Lopez visits me in my dream with Sister Olive. In my dream she is very happy, smiling a lot, very young, slim, and beautiful. She's wearing a pastel peach dress, she stands and looks like a beauty queen, with her beautiful and sincere smile, together with the slim body she is really a beauty queen.

She is happy and with her priceless smile, she told me something (for my ears only), then she shows me a card that seems like a raffle ticket. I take it and give the cards to Tony and told him to check the number which I cannot read clearly. We sit around on our round table and Tony brings out many items as a gift, Tony uses in giving gifts this way. She is very happy and in particular, she chooses the silver old-style camera. If you know Sister Lita, you know what I mean and how she appreciates, values the reaction of the receiver. She herself is warm indeed.

When I wake up, I feel good, I remember, she is really a beauty queen in Tanauan Batangas during her time. 

In my heart, I felt that she genuinely loves Me, Tony, and our son. She visits me here before she goes up in heaven as in Christian beliefs soul goes up after 40 days. Thank you so much, Sister Tita Lita, my Cursillo classmate, M.E. servant role model, a good family friend, a good listener, and a good adviser. I learned a lot about the value of being unique from her because she is sincere and truthful in her words and advice. She never judges me at all, she gave me do's and don'ts tips but never she judges me on my weaknesses. "Kaya naman malapit siya sa puso ko, namin ni Tony." She is purely sincere and genuine with everyone. She is humble and meek in many ways.

I remember her name and his husband's name sounds the same likes ours, her grandson whispers to her Mommy look at their name. Tony and Sol, while theirs is Tong and Solita

In my book of dreams, dreamed it says there about meeting and talking to a dead person, in such a dream is a good sign. The dream might indicate people around you, treating you with kindness and compassion. It might also be a sign of good luck and success in accomplishing your current goals. Other times they have a deeper meaning from the afterworld that is not easily interpretable. Dreams can mean a lot of things, it signifies that they are trying to reach you and speak to you.

Dead can visit us to try to give us comfort or to do their best to give us a sense of closure. Oftentimes they will visit us in our dream looking happy, much younger, healthier, and more vibrant and full of life than we ever remembered them while they were alive.

Sometimes they appear to us this way because they want to let us know that everything will be alright and not to worry. It’s like they want you to rest assured that they are in good hands and well taken care of, and there’s no more pain where they are now.

Friday, 17 April 2020

Angel Without Wings, He is Dr. Jorge Ignacio, A Medical Oncologist and Chairman of the UP - PGH Cancer Institute.

He is Dr. Jorge Ignacio, a medical oncologist and chairman of the UP - PGH Cancer Institute. In his simple gesture and pure heart, you will never go wrong. 

Dr. Jorge Ignacio
A medical oncologist and chairman of the UP-PGH Cancer Institute.

In this situation that we are all in now,
these pictures serve as an inspiration for me.
It is another way of healing your soul, that reflects another.

It is an honor to see how humble he is, Dr. Jorge who entered the hospital even though the whole of Manila was on lock-down. Like many frontliners, he is one of those who still fulfills the call of duty, in spite of difficulties and dangerous Pandemic Covid19.

" You're traveling in the road less traveled."
"Yung reward mo po Doc, lahat kaming pasyente mo love ka at ipinagdarasal kang mabuti."

I am inspired by his passion and dedication. In my heart, I observe how tiring to be a doctor with a heart. “First God, you are our great healer, second is the Doctor that you gave a gift to us." I am saying this as an expression of our love, of our affection, of our respect to you Lord, and to our Oncology Doctor Jorge Ignacio.

Grant my prayer o Lord, that this little message gives him extra energy he needs to work for his many patients. When tragedy hits us, we are comforted by his presence, his support, his medicine, by his love, by his care and I am sure by his prayers. And so I pray for him and his family the best of every day for his health and long life. God bless you and keep you safe away from any harm and any viruses. Stay healthy and happy Doc.

God really put people in our lives to teach, inspire, and believe that there is something for everyone to look up. "Salamat Doc sa pagiging matatag mo in spite of everything nakatayo at sugod pa rin tayo, tuloy ang laban mga kapatid." Hehehe

"That in all things God may be glorified!"

My Personal Note and View:

Modern medicine can be viewed as miraculous. The patient must follow the plan for the treatment and what we do is even more important than what our Doctors can do. Our Doctor is a coach, a teacher, a vessel through which knowledge and the power of healing flow. Just as priests are instructed and reminded that they are not the source of blessings, Doctors knew their place, that they are not the source of healing, but its conduit. And so our best friend Doctor will lead us to spiritual and so we all pray for one goal.

In Latin, “patient” means “sufferer.” Part of our doctor's job is to ease suffering, relieve pain. There is a large temptation for a physician to develop a God complex, given the science, the technology, the immense knowledge and readily available medicine on the one hand, and the vulnerable, weak patient, Yet our Doctors very blessings can make us stumble and turn into curses if not dashed with humility. And so we pray to God to gift us Doctor who will be our inspiration to recover our self-motivation.

I recall, a priest told me before my operation procedure, that Doctors are sad to see their patients losing hope and worst if they die, they cried and most of them really went to confession with a broken heart. So I must be strong to fight and believe that Mama Mary and God are with me/us so I must live because my Doctor will get hurt and broken if I won't.

Another priest, a friend of mine called me from Italy just a timely 30 minutes before my operation, he said don't be afraid. The doctors are working because there is a cure. You are blessed, talk to God and he will give you a sign that only your heart could understand. All his words lighten my soul and my heart never felt any single fear, I cannot remember all his words but I remember the feeling of surrendering my self to God is the best weapon I got.

I lost my Ninong Doctor Joel Ruiz​ 2 years ago, and with Doc Ignacio, I found the same spirit and soul like him, My husband and I agreed that he is very like Ninong Doctor who lives in the lives of many as a missionary Doctor. A Doctor that is truly sent to me by God through my angel Doctors too.

Our Doctors are like us, they are also human, with my limits. They are powerlessness if we patients are not cooperative. As kindness is a sign of strength, surrender is a sign of confidence. So, I must say that we must continue praying to Our Great Physician who holds life and death in His hands, for our Doctors to have the strength to love their noble profession, and use its powers, and never abuse them.

I remember on the very 1st day of my Chemo Cycle, I ask Doc. Jorge Ignacio what are the things, food that is not good for me. He told me, No Preservatives, and Narrate to me the Ten (10) Commandments. So I think that is the best Doctor for me to consider his spiritual balance of everything. It is a very worthy reminder for me to consider self-examination in away.

Remove obstacles to healing

Let us go of any feelings that may be obstacles to healing. It can help if you go to confession and receive the Eucharist.

Sadness and deep regret may trouble you, that is not what Jesus wants. In the Gospels, He teaches that healing can be found in helping others and so they are helping us too.

Jesus, help my eyes to see all the good you sendest me.
Jesus, help my ears to hear calls for help from far and near.
Jesus, help my feet to go in the way that you wilt show me.
Jesus, help my hands to do all things loving, kind, and true.
Jesus, may I be helpful, growing every way I can.

April 23, 2020, Thursday, 12:20noon

To our Dearest Doc Jorge Ignacio and to all our dearest front liners. God bless you and your family. Keep us all safe, healthy, and unharmed from any viruses. Jesus, King of Mercy. We Trust In You.

Let's keep these thoughts by heart from the original post of Doc Jorge Ignacio, the heart of a true-blooded Doctor for his family and the family of his fellow frontliners in these trying times.

"So may I ask a favor, please treat our families well when we are gone. They are all that we can leave you to remember us by. We do not ask for monuments or citations. Just treat our loved ones with the love we laid on this fight.

From my heart, I thank you all for your understanding! Doctor Jorge Ignacio"

It's worthy of my many million cells and surely for anyone to think about how much we love our family and yet the call of duty and love remains superior.

Just timely, naiiyak ako for no reason at all just watching the song of Saint Bernadeth of Soubirous. Salamat at mas bumilis at dumami pa ang iyak ko, while reading the message of Doctor Jorge Ignacio, dahil dumami ayan natapos iyak ko. Pati message pala ni Doc nakaka heal, napa tahan ako agad. Hehehe! Napaisip na rin. God's love is a pearl of endless wisdom.

Very true indeed, to our countrymen, we appreciate all your helping hands, prayers, and concerns. Yes, it's more important to us, the family of frontliners to give us your kindness, support, and prayers.

It's not an ordinary thing nowadays. A challenging time for us and to our loved ones who are now out as frontliners, it's truly heartbreaking to know the risk that only God's love could help us in his comforting words and promises.

Kumakapit lng ako sa promise nya "That He will keep us." Hindi ko pa naranas sa buong buhay ko ang nangyayari ngayon. Di ko pa naranasan maiyak na just looking at our wall clock maalala ko ulit magdasal. Yung uncertain ka anong feeling ba yung sabi ng heart ko. Each time, I will see them going out our home, and be back using our back door to keep us away from any harm. Yung, nasaan na kaya si Tony and other members of my family na need lumabas dahil sa call of duty, and be thankful and happy again each time na makakasama at makaka usap sila muli na parang ang saya saya pa rin nila kahit pagod inaalala pa rin nila ako at pamilya.

Lord, God in heaven please protect us with your most precious blood. Amen.

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Thursday, 6 February 2020

Maria Lourdes Abad Dayo, My Favorite Social Worker.

Maria Lourdes Abad Dayo, RSW since July 1979
Graduated BS Social Work at La Concordia College, Manila
Social Worker - Philippine Government Social Welfare Officer

At the very beginning of my life, my first day here on this earth I was greeted with thirteen smiling faces one of which was our mom and our father and the others are my ten siblings. You are the 6th child and I am the 11th child, I am 2nd to the youngest of 12. Even at the age of eight you anxiously awaited my arrival and it wouldn't be long until we became the very best of friends when we grew up.

It's always kind to think I may have gotten a little bit luckier than you did because even though I wasn't the first "baby," I got to live my entire life with you all. I know no life without you my sister in it. We've shared some of my very first moments in life together, you've watched my first steps, smile, the first day of school, first day of high school, first JS Prom, debut, marriage, and the birth of my only child, plus so much more in-between moments.

We experienced the loss of our father, mother, nephew and lastly our brother together and in those moments of despair and brokenness, you were the light at the end of my tunnel to lead me and other siblings out of the darkness.

I think sometimes that God knew, I couldn't live this life alone without you and so he sent me to mom so that I had you to go through this life with. We got to experience my very first child together, we got both boys so we also go to experience our very first nephews together as well. How is it we were both blessed with awesome boys? That, is what I call a bond.

I'd like to say that we have a bond that is so unbreakable not even the jaws of steel could pull us apart but isn't that what all sisters say? I want you to know and understand why it is that our bond is so very unique and different and why it is so important to me. Our lives haven't always been perfect we have had some hard spots in life but I can't remember a single one that we faced alone especially during my health agony up to the transition of the second life which I am having and I am grateful going through it now. Any time I call you, day or night, I know that you will be there. I know that there is absolutely no distance or time that keeps us apart. Don't get me wrong, we have had our fair share of bickering, fights, and arguments. But we ALWAYS bounce back from those and our bonds become stronger with each passing day. When every single person has turned their back on me, forsaken me, given up on me, or walked out of my life. You don't. You never leave me, you never judge me, and you never betray me.

I know that my feelings and my heart are always okay with you and I never have to put a guard up because I know you'll keep my heart safe. In so many ways I look up to you more than you will ever know. You are fearless, caring, loving, loyal, helpful, and honest to a fault. I wish on many occasions that I could be half of the woman you are in life and I would be absolutely content with that.

You have taught me so many things while going through life specially during those lowest and hardest days of my life. I only hope that I have had the same effects on you in life that you have had on me. They say that God gives you many different forms of soul mates, not just the people you date or marry but in the people you love and If anything were ever so true its that saying. You are one of my soul mates throughout this life. I love you, dearest sister, to the moon and back, infinity and beyond.

Our Family Picture
Mario, Maria Assunta, Lilia, Alejandro,
Benigno, Mom, Me (Baby Sol), Dad, Maria Lourdes,
Francisco, Maria Josefina, Carlos.
Youngest, Raphael John Peter is not yet born in this family picture.

My sister Malou on her 6oth Birthday
 and her son Abraham Isam Palanisamy

The other talent, as Lady Gaga impersonator
Click the link to watch the video on YouTube