Keep me in your mind and know that you can write me anytime you need someone to talk to. If you do this, your actions have proved that you are not the type of person who gives up easily. I admire that in you. I understand that you have a burden to carry on your own.

I would like to thank everyone for having the courage and dedication to stay the course when most people would probably give up. I want you to know that I am thinking of you and wishing you the best.

Always remember, You are an amazing person whom I am blessed to know. Sometimes when we face challenges, we can't see all the good that is coming from our best work or life until after we're done. Unfortunately, our work here on earth is never complete, so there is much good that we cannot see. Keep doing the great work that you are doing. Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do.

I believe whatever you've overcome would become one moment you will look back on with pride, even though it seems so difficult now. Your spirit has the energy, strength, and stamina of million horses. Keep up the good work. I am rooting for you.

I might not told you often enough how grateful I am for all that you do for me, giving me your encouraging words and messages, surely keeps me going. In my mind when times get tough, I know I could count on those encouraging thoughts from all of you.

As always,
Princess Sol Diaries
Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    As saying goes:
    "The diamond may adorn royalty, regardless of personal worth, but jewels of thought render even poverty." Gems for the Fireside

  • Thank you for giving your insights, it is really sound and very much enlightening. May formal background po ba kayo in family coaching or any seminars?  that's great! if in case, would you be interested po if we could invite you in the future, to be a resource person kapag family matters po ang topic.  

  • Hi Princess Sol, I was listening to Dr. Love program last night & I heard how you gave advice to ( ? ) problem. I just want to say that you're a very logical person and was very impressed by your attitude. It's good to know that there are people who are willing to reach out to others even if they don't know the person personally. I must say that you're an angel in disguise. Keep up the good work & may God bless you more. Happy Mothers Day.  LMG

  • Thanks for adding me Princess you are such a good adviser good job Princess.  WV

  • Salamat Sol, mabuting tao ka talaga, napaka objective mo mag payo. blessing talaga ni Lord na naging frend kita. Malaking katawan man ako, isa pa rin akong totoy sa loob na minsan ay hirap umunawa sa bagay bagay ng mundo.  MM

  • Hello Ms. Sol... I heard your brilliant advise to ( ? ) of ( ? )... to keep in touch sayo... maybe magka-lakas loob ako to open up my losing soul... God Bless... ~ MS

  • Hi Anna here, gud eve! Just ask po, if this is Princess Sol I heard from Dr. Love radio show?-:))) Lucky! Levy is a mutual friend... Hope ur the Princess I am looking for & wanted to be my friend.  AVA

  • friend ikaw ba yung tumawag kay dr. love kaninang madaling araw na? yung nag bibigay ng advice?  TM

  • Good morning. Pasensya n. Salamat pl kanina nakausap kita on air sa Dzmm.  LE

  • Sol narinig kita sa dzmm ngayon. ang galing mong magpayo... godbless u mabuhay ka:) nasaan ka ba ngayon?  SDR

  • Hi,puedeng bang magtanong kung ikaw ung nag counselling dun sa isang caller kay DR.Love na taga ( ? ). Ang galing mo congrats...  AL

  • Hi, are you the one who called's program?.. if yes, i just want to say that i really love the message to marie.. hope that there will be more people like.. may our good Lord always bless you!.. Goodnight.. ^_^ [^_^]   RFDJ

  • Hi miss sol ikaw ba un caller last night kay bro. jun banaag? add ko po sana kayo..ty po  AOB

  • Hi ikaw ba yong Maria na magaling mag advice sa radio?..  SCG

  • Kau po ba yung nag advice kanina sa doc love? like ko po ang advice nyo.... ML