Monday, 25 May 2015

Philippine child wonder Niño Muhlach and his son Alonzo

I love Niño Muhlach "Tahan na Empoy, tahan (1977)" and his excellent contribution to the Philippine arts and movie industry. 

I still remember when I first saw Niño in his relative's house in Pandacan, this rosy cheeks little boy, a truly gifted child wonder of the Philippines would always be in my sweetest childhood memory. His outstanding charisma makes me understand the true meaning of God's gift of the Holy Spirit "Charisma". 

After so many years, how sweet it is to see him again with obvious God's miracle and its wonder with good things like this? Philippine wonder boy Niño really looks like his adorable son Alonzo.

Niño was born to Alexander Muhlach and Rebecca Rocha, he has five siblings. The nephew of Amalia Fuentes and Alvaro Muhlach, his cousins Aga Muhlach and Arlene Muhlach were also actors. He was the owner of D'Wonder Films, which produced most of his films in the 1970s/80s. He was dubbed the "Child Wonder of the Philippines" for making films which garnered both critical and commercial success. He holds the title of highest-paid child actor in the history of Filipino cinema. He is the owner of Megamelt Bakeshop, home of Muhlach Ensaymada.

Adorable Alonzo is Niño's son with Diane Tupaz, Alonzo Muhlach, stars in ABS-CBN's (2015) "Inday Bote," as Entoy (member of the Duwende Family) is one of my favorite teleserye.

Awesome moment with child wonderful Niño Muhlach
and his adorable son Alonzo at Oasis of Love Fiesta Celebration
(Photo taken after Mass celebration of Pentecost Day.)

You Tube: Niño Muhlach. Milk Maid Commercial

You Tube: Niño Muhlach

Sunday, 24 May 2015

2015 PGF Champion Andreij "Doujin" Albar, TT2 Unlimited

Andreij "Doujin" Albar
16 years old, High School student of Saint Anthony School.
PGF 2015 Champion Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited Tournament (1vs1) of Team Elite SVG

PGF 2015 Champion SVG1 Tekken Tag 2 Tournament (3vs3)
Djamille, Sen, and Andreij of Team Elite SVG1

Thousands of gamers filled the SM North Edsa Cyberzone for the Pinoy Gaming Festival, Summer Assembly of 2015 on May 23 & 24, 2015. The biggest gathering of gamers from all over the country.

The singles finals in the Tekken Tag 2 Tournament Unlimited was between Andreij "Doujin" Albar of Team Elite SVG and Graham "MY San" Prats of Team Elite SVG. It was a Fight of Champions enjoyed by everyone at the SM Cyberzone which Doujin won 6 straight games that crown him the Champion of PGF 2015 Tekken Tag2 Unlimited Tournament.

PGF 2015 Champion Tekken Tag 2 Tournament (1vs1)
Andreij "Doujin" Albar

Awarding of PGF 2015 Champion Andreij "Doujin" Albar 
Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited Tournament (1vs1) 
with Mr. Joebert  L. Yu, Managing Director of Gariath Concepts

PGF 2015 Champion "Doujin"
Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited Tournament
Thank you so much
Mr. Joebert  L. Yu, Managing Director of Gariath Concepts

Thank you so much to the following
Mr. Richard Tekken Tag 2 Tournament Organizer and
an owner of PlayBook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop
T-Shirt from 
Photo from PinoyVersus: 

Andreij and Mr. Richard Brojan Organizer of PGF 2015 Tekken Tag 2
and Owner of PlayBook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop

PGF 2015 Summer Assembly Baller Asus/ROG Edition
Co-Presenters Asus, Globe and Virtual pay

Andreij "Doujin" Albar of Team Elite SVG
and Graham "MY San" Prats of Team Elite SVG

Congratulations PGF 2015 Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited
Tournament (1vs1) winners
Champion Andreij "Doujin" Albar of Team Elite SVG
1st Runner Up Graham "MY San" Prats of Team Elite SVG
2nd Prize Jade Yasay of Team Tekken Empire

Highlights of the day!

Thousands of supporters and players are gathered here at
SM North Edsa Cyberzone for 2 days.

Pinoy Versus Team at work

Players and supporters.
Everyone are all friendly with each other.

Highlight of Day 1, Final Elimination

Highly spirited players and supporters of
Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited (3vs3)

Winners chart update!

Champion Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited Tournament (3vs3) 
Congratulations Andreij, Sen and Djamille of Team Elite SVG1 they won 2 games

PGF 2015 Champion Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited Tournament (3vs3)
Congratulations Andreij, Sen and Djamille of Team Elite SVG1 
with Mr. Richard Organizer of 2015 Tekken Tag 2
and owner of PlayBook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop

Congratulations winners of Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited (3vs3)
Djamille, Andreij, and Sen of Team Elite SVG1
AK, Ryan, and Clent of Team Smap
with Mr. Richard of Playbook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop

Happy team of Pinoy Versus and PlayBook Gaming Lounge
Jab Uscutin and Catuera Paulo
Aaron Paul M. Topacio and Ron Muyot

PlayBook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop
Located at 2nd floor Robinsons Pergola Mall
Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Parañaque

Photo Ops with Talent High's Anicka Yu
cosplaying Alisa Bosconovitch at
Pinoy Gaming Festival 2015 Summer Assembly!

Tekken Tag 2 Tournament Unlimited
the event at the Pinoy Gaming Festival
presented by PlayBook, PinoyVersus & Gariath Concepts

I saw this campaign booth "Youth Vote Philippines" 
Youth Vote Philippines is a Non-government organization that aims to involve the youth to become engaged and involved in nation building. Nice campaign! 

Supporting "Youth Vote Philippines"
with Ms. Jamaica P. Castillo and Mr. Chard R. Amazona

Awesome Elite SVG Team!

OPM Balladeer Basil Valdez and Sabado Night actress Ina Raymundo

Who would not feel blessed hearing the songs of Mr. Basil Valdez? What more if you see and hear him singing in person and sitting right beside him? Certainly, now I understand why I felt good each time I listen to his songs. It was revealed to me, in my own personal experience that he is really a gifted one and his songs heals touching many souls.

It was circumstance that sidelined his singing career in 1990, when he discovered that he was a "Healer". Mr. Basil Valdez then sought the guidance of his Jesuit friends which explained to him that he has the Gift of Healing.

From Wikipedia: 
Basil Salvador Valdez is a Filipino balladeer. Born, November 8, 1951 in Manila, Philippines.

Mr. Basil S. Valdez started on a solo career as a folk singer. In 1972, he joined the Circus Band and soon after it disbanded, he released his first solo album entitled Ngayon at Kailanman.

Ms. Ina Raymundo was born on June 14, 1975 is a Filipina film and television actress, commercial model, and singer. She is best known for her appearance on the advertisement "Sabado Nights" of San Miguel Beer. Ms. Raymundo received the Best Actress award for the film Tuhog. She also performed on stage plays.

Ms. Ina Raymundo, Mr Basil Valdez and Sol Albar at the Oasis of Love Feast.

Ngayon At Kailanman
Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka
Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan
Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo
Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga
Michel Legrand Medley
Pagputi Ng Uwak
Sometime, Somewhere
Paano Ba Ang Mangarap
A Memory
Bakit Ka Nagbago
Lead Me Lord
Nais Ko
Pintig Ng Dibdib
Let The Pain Remain
Corner Of The Sky
Hindi Kita Malilimutan

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

JC Buendia 50th Birthday

Birthday message to the Philippines most talented and finest person in fashion industry.  You’re a half century old now JC, golden years of happy cheers!

Congratulations for reaching this far. May you have more blessings of good health and strength to walk further miles. I pray that the next half-century of your life will be as amazing as your first half or even more. May you continue to live in abundance under the shadow of God’s grace.

You look stunning even when you’re fifty. Life has been good to you these years. May it be more colorful in the next years to come. Keep spreading your warm spirit to everyone around you. You are awesome, a genius and talented person who delights everyone even with your unknown comedian side.

I pray that you may have more happy days to spend with your family, with me and to all your friends and loved ones.You’re truly exceptional. May God continue to bless your days with great favors. 

Fifty fruitful years of being a blessing to many.  A good person, a great mentor and at the same time, a loving son, brother, friend. I am so glad for having you and your kind friendship with me in my life.

Happy Golden Birthday to the most loved Philippines finest celebrity fashion designer of my time!

Philippines finest celebrity fashion designer and President of FDCF
Mr. JC Buendia! 

I hope you have more enthusiasm to continue with what you have been doing for the past years and keep all the positivity you have in you.

Looking at you now, it seems that you’ve had
plenty of memorable experiences in life throughout the half-century.

As we grow older, we cannot help but forget certain things in our lives.
But you, my dear friend, I will never forget you for this life time.

Philippines finest fashion celebrity designer , President of FDCF Mr. JC Buendia! This is a gift to his excellence. His simplicity really brings pure inspiration to many. 

Video Link!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Bloom Binmaley 2015

Last year we planted Cherry Blossoms "Balayong" tree at People's Park, town of Binmaley. After a year, we are all excited to see the Cherry Blossoms.

Today, they are 4 times taller in height. Applying fertilizer helps them growing more faster than normal.

1st of May 2014 and 1st of May 2015
One year old na ang ating "Balayong" Cherry Blossom at Bloom Binmaley.

Applying fertilizer helps them growing more faster than normal.

Then and Now!

Jc Buendia Cherry blossom tree!

Ms. Monette Victorio Cherry blossom tree!

Atty. Fides Victorio Cherry blossom tree!

Sol Albar Cherry blossom tree!

Today we're all celebrating Bloom Binmaley 1st year Anniversary!

Beautiful Bloom Binmaley Beach at JT Resort!

JT Resort!

Bloom Binmaley, Pangasinan Sea Food capital.

Bloom Binmaley!

2015 at Bloom Binmaley!

Bloom Binmaley Manpower Development Center

"Bloom Binmaley"
 is the Tourism brand (or a tourism campaign) to develop and promote tourism of Binmaley.

Professor Ralph Balmaceda and Mrs. Josefina Victorio
with their inspiring report about Bloom Binmaley after a year.

Working together Bloom Binmaley will reach it's full bloom.

Bloom Binmaley youth supporters sharing their talents.

Raffle Gifts from friends of Bloom Binmaley.

Plaque of appreciation to Ms. Monette C. Victorio of her invaluable efforts in promoting tourism
in the Municipality through "Bloom Binmaley".

2014 Bloom Binmaley Report turn-over by Professor Ralph Balmaceda

Thank you for taking care of our " Balayong" trees. Bloom Binmaley Cherry Blossoms.

Beautiful people of Bloom Binmaley
Senior Citizen group and winners of Pocket wifi.

Sheilla Mae De Guzman Bloom Binmaley Ambassador 2015
Mayor Sam Rosario, Ambassador JC Buendia, Judge Manny Victorio, Mrs. Josefina Victorio,
Atty. Fides Victorio, Joe Victorio, IDr. Sol Albar
and more beautiful people of Bloom Binmaley.

Our love and support to Mrs. Josefina Victorio, tourism consultant in Bloom Binmaley, Pangasinan.
Bloom Binmaley team/crew!

Mystery man behind Bloom Binmaley logo!

Congratulations 1st year Anniversary of Bloom Binmaley.
Working together Bloom Binmaley will reach it's full bloom.

"Bloom Binmaley"
 by Princesssoldiaries ©