Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mr. David G. Taylor

A former Army of Great Britain
A Civil Engineer
Managing Director of Cygnet Interiors LLC

Mr David G. Taylor
Managing Director
Cygnet Interiors LLC, Dubai
The United Arab Emirates

The man of honour, values and integrity!

Your lively actions inspire others to dream more, 
learn more, do more and become more, 
YOU are the best buddy and a leader!

Mr David G. Taylor Managing Director of Cygnet
Sol Albar Interior Designer

My favourite working buddy and mentor in UAE.

Mr David G. Taylor (Inspirational) 
Managing Director of Cygnet Interiors LLC, 
Dubai United Arab Emirates
(YouTube Video)

Thanks for converting my mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strengths. You really know how to bring out the best in me. Thank you for the unconditional support you've given me and to my team. May God bless you with all the comfort and joy this life could bring. Good health and happiness every day of your life. Long live DGT!

Mr David G. Taylor of UK (Inspirational) 
(YouTube Video)

More about David Taylor and the Cygnet Interiors LLC

You Are A Great Friend
Managing Director of  Cygnet Interiors LLC, 
Dubai United Arab Emirates
(YouTube Video)
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Friday, 10 February 2012

Mohamed Daher

Management is, above all a practice where art and craft meet.

Mr. Mohamed Daher 

Thank you, Mr. Mohamed Daher, and to the big boss Mr. Rashid Al-kalbani and Family,

Let me thank each and every one of you for making this experienced possible for me to look back. I am grateful for all the kindness and support you and everyone around have extended to me during my stay in your office. All are priceless memories that I will remember by heart. The kind memories of my working stay are the best gift I could ever imagine. You all made me feel comfortable in many ways. The laughter during the stressful days and the wonders of each and every one of you, the people of Al Khaleej and Ain Al Faydah Hotel Staff would be forever part of my life story in Al Ain.

My warm appreciation to everyone. Our very good friend mate Mr. Osman, He always sends kindness. Our chief accountant Mr. Sheik Mohamed he never gives me hard time with all my request, (Sorry) I forgot the name of the Architect next to my office he is nice mate, Ibrahim, and Younus for their sweeties offer of hot cup of coffee at all times, all those things always makes me smile, the accountants Mustafa and Ayman, Smiling man Engr. Barsha, Jalal, Musa our soft-spoken driver, Shafiq for always fixing my computer and other things and to all the ladies around us.

I made this blog and a video as a simple expression of my appreciation to everyone and to acknowledged the extreme Al Ain wonders. God bless everyone. In Shalla, until we all meet again.

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Dear Princess Maria,
I love it!
It's amazing!
To add in particular the beauty in the clip.
Kind regards,
Reply Sent: Monday, June 18, 2012, 11:41 PM

Mr. Mohamed Daher
Executive Manager of Al Khaleej and
Sol Albar ~ Interior Designer

"If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it, you almost don't have to manage them."

My office in Khalifa, Al Ain

July 15, 2020
Time and good friends are two things that become more valuable the older you get. God is sending us Angels to disguise as friends to help us realize our goodness. Thank you, Mr. Daher, for talking sense to me. Sharing your personal experiences makes me realize your point about life. Yeah, everything is written in the book before we were born and only God knows what the future brings to each of us. Stay happy and live one day at a time. 

Cygnet Interiors LLC

Established in November 2004
Where Quality Workmanship Comes as Standard

Emirates Construction
The Construction Magazine With a Difference
10th of October 2010 in Features by Publisher

Who would have thought that one man’s hobby would evolve into one of the leading design and contracting companies in the Middle East? But with 40 years of experience in the building sector, including projects in the UK, Europe and the Gulf, David G Taylor has a portfolio to be proud of and a genuine passion for the industry.

Established in November 2004, Cygnet has completed many prestigious projects, including renovation, remodelling fits out, maintenance, repair and ground construction. Moreover, strong leadership combined with invaluable experience will see Cygnet Design & Contracting LLC Company continue its progressive and solid growth.

Cygnet believes in delivering a high-quality service, reliability and efficiency, whilst maintaining competitiveness, which it believes is the key to the long-term relationships with clients. Professional technicians and skilled labourers support every individual project, whilst up to date materials and machinery support the execution of excellent workmanship, producing top class results.

Projects include the Airport Free Zone, where Cygnet completed office fit outs, whilst at Wild Wadi the company undertook the waterproofing and the refurbishment of the pool area. Indeed, Cygnet is able to deliver a wide range of projects and has 100 highly trained staff to ensure that every job exceeds client expectations.

Working alongside the World Trade Centre, managed by Jumeirah Living, Cygnet worked hand-in-hand with individual tenants to complete interior design works. Specific interior designs included the installations of bathrooms, modern high-technical shower suites, tiling, specialist stone works, natural wooden flooring and all the interior finishes, specially designed to add harmony to the overall ambience of the apartments.

Numerous schools have also benefited from Cygnets talents where they continue the relationship in the after-sales maintenance contracts.

Within the Arabian Ranches, Springs, Meadows and The Lakes, Cygnet was successful in its bid to execute works on the numerous swimming pools, maid’s quarters, air conditioning systems, extended living areas, and all the general MEP works. The company also carried out works on the prestigious Palm Island, delivering interior design solutions and major MEP works.

Now with an extensive client list and a portfolio that includes a number of prominent projects and top suppliers such as Cape Reed LLC and Al Tamimi, Cygnet will no doubt continue to grow and expand, with quality workmanship and fast, friendly customer service coming as standard.

The British founder and managing Director of Cygnet Interiors LLC have over (35) years of successful construction experience throughout the Gulf Region. Based on this sound experience he established Cygnet Interiors and commenced trading in November 2004, with a multi-skilled workforce of (22) men, to meet the growing demand for professional quality building and maintenance services.

The Company was actually formed from the service division of Quality General Maintenance who had decided that the “Oil and Gas” world was the place to be, and building maintenance or refurbishing of properties was not really going to be part of their scope.

Cygnet’s scope of services and job profiles cover the following areas:
Ground plus (1) construction
Lift installation
Air Condition
Painting & Decoration
Swimming Pools and Water features
We have quality subcontractors to meet all your Landscaping needs.

Since that time Cygnet has grown to a Company of (120) plus personnel with a proven record of doing what we say we can do when we take on a project. We have over (240) successful projects behind us, we rarely advertise and 99% of our work comes from referrals from satisfied customers.

Our claim for Cygnet is that small or large anything to do with your villa, office or any building we are capable of doing the necessary work to a professional and high standard.

Cygnet is already approved with the majority of major developers and has maintained the required demands placed on them by each developer.

Our joint venture with TaylorBell kitchens was established to be able to give our clients a full project package when they purchase a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom from TaylorBell. The Client knows that their project from conception to completion is under one umbrella.


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