Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Moon Jellies (Aurelia ourita) Dancing Sea Fairies!

March 30, 2013 ~ The Jellies Dancing Sea Fairies is a small Manila Ocean Park attraction.  The jellyfish’s are inside the light reflected aquarium so they look like that they change in color along with the lights. Because the jellyfish are illumine-scent combining them with lights are actually eye pleasing. The lights changes from blue, green, orange, white, cyan, red, purple, violet and pink.

Mirrors are cleverly used to give the illusion of space. And with classical music playing on a loop, the jellyfish looked like they were indeed gracefully swaying. The changing colors of the neon lights illuminating the tanks made the display even more magical. I could gaze at these sea creatures floating about inside their tanks for a long time. In the beach, these jellyfish are poisonous and could sting unsuspecting swimmers. Here, they are dreamy dancing sea fairies.

There is a mini bar at the center of the jellies dancing sea fairies attraction. Flash photography is not allowed so it is really hard to take a decent photo. All in all, we had fun in a short jellies dancing fairies.

The jellyfish’s are inside the light reflected aquarium.

Andreij is enjoying his most favorite Jellies sea creature in a huge aquarium,

The changing colors of the neon lights illuminating the tanks made the display even more magical.

The second room is composed of tubes of jellyfish.
It looks like this is a huge room of jelly fish as advertised, but there are only around 7-10 tubes.

The entrance fee is Php150 and you can finish the tour within 15-30 minutes. 

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Cara China Bone Flower Brooch Circa 1945

Cara China Co. is an English Bone China Jewelry
A dazzling array of color 
By Cara China Co. 
Vintage China Bone Flower Brooch Circa 1945

Hand made, Hand Painted Fine Bone China Yellow Rose Brooch,
Cara China Co, China Bone Flower Brooch Circa 1945
Made in England

Think for just a moment! For a long time we had costume or fashion jewelry that was made from other metals like gold plated rhodium, copper, chrome, pewter, etc.

Something more fresh and novel could easily brighten up the soul during the World War II Years. These petite hand-made and hand-painted floral brooch sets with their bright & effervescent colors were sure to liven up the hearts of those young women during the War years. From research it appears that some English factories, although not a great many, produced bone china jewelry from about 1945 up to early 1960.

There were some English china factories that thought that this would probably be a good idea to produce such effeminate creations as bone china floral brooch & earring sets. Hence about 1945 companies in the production of bone china jewelry were Aynsley China Co, Cara China Co., Coal port China Co., Crown Stafford shire China Co., Bone China Crafts Co. and Paragon China Co., This is to name just several who produced such bone china jewelry. In addition, they also produced floral clusters/floral arrangements and figural/figurines. All of which are hand crafted and hand painted in a dazzling array of color.

Being bone china and not metal, many of these pieces of jewelry are found with little chips or flea bites. Why? You may ask. Well after all, many of these little jewelry pieces are very delicate/fragile bone china pieces that are relatively thin and hand worked in their production. The ruffling of the little florettes lends an imminent danger for breakage. Then on the other hand, people do accidentally drop their jewelry onto the floor. These are china pieces after all! What normally happens when one drops a china cup to the floor? Normally the china cup will break. Hey! China jewelry that has a lot of ruffling like these brooches is guaranteed not to survive without enduring the disastrous collision with a floor. Sometimes this is why we find them chipped. The degree of chipping would also depend on how one would store this jewelry. If it loosely set amongst other metal or china pieces of jewelry clanging against each other, such a fate was inevitable. On the other hand, on many occasions small pieces left factories with inevitable little flea bites that were hand colored or under-glazed in the factory before shipment.

Because of such evident history, these little English bone china pieces of jewelry are becoming very collectible. After all, many of these china jewelry pieces were hand crafted in the china factories as early as 1945 which would make them some sixty years old.

Cara China Co, Hand made, Hand Painted Fine Bone China Yellow Rose Brooch,
Made in England.

Cara China Yellow Rose Fine Bone China Brooch is now on my Sunday Dress. Wink!
Precious Gift from a precious friend. Wink!

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

All Star Bird Show (Manila Ocean Park)

March 30, 2013, after visiting the aviary we fall in love with the most beautiful and intelligent winged creatures with All Star Bird Show, a highly-entertaining show for the whole family.

Catch the show daily at 1:15 PM, 2:45 PM & 4:15 PM

Thank you kiss for my simple participation in the All Star Bird Show!

Audience participation in the All Star Bird Show!

Inaayos na ni Master ang 500.00 pesos into my fingers!

Shot from big screen
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Birds Of Prey Kingdom (Manila Ocean Park)

March 30, 2013, we discover Manila Ocean Park’s newest attraction, the Birds of Prey Kingdom which features one of the most stunning coastal raptors in the country, the Brahminy Kites (Haliastur indus) locally known as Lawin in Tagalog and Banog in the Visayas region. We have a close encounter with these winged wonders within a unique bird sanctuary as they perched in a hanging bridge along the coast of Manila Bay.

Closer look and encounter with the Lawin!

You can buy your souvenirs at the entrance!
3/4 sleeves T Shirt cost 425.00 pesos only.

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Trails To Antarctica (Manila Ocean Park)

March 30, 2013, It's summer time here in Manila and The Manila Ocean Park opened its latest attraction, Trails to Antarctica, the country’s first and only experience to see real Penguins. These Penguins are called the Humboldt Penguins that came from the west coast of South America. These Penguins were really fun to watch, they swim so fast.  Seems they love being photographed because there were posing for the cameras and they eat a lot. We had a chance to avail of their feeding promo (250 pesos and up) which includes at least 2 fishes , some souvenir shots with the Penguins and have the best experience to get closer to the them.

The 2nd another included attraction inside Trails to Antarctica is the Slide O’ Fun which is a big and long “Ice” slide. It was cool to go down this slide, you just have to be patient in lining up and waiting for your turn by pair and one ticket, one ride only.

Slide O' Fun!
Kuya Photographer said:
Si Ate ang lakas ng sigaw, si Kuya pa smile, smile lng. 

The 3rd and last attraction is the Snow Village. We were advised that this should be the last stop to visit because this would also lead you to the exit of the whole Trails to Antarctica attraction. We entered by batches. We were given jackets and warned not to use cameras and other electronic gadgets like cellphone, IPAD, etc. inside the Snow Village for it’s temperature was -15 degrees. They were not liable to any damage that can happen to your gadgets but you can take pictures at your OWN risk!

They have their own photographer which can take your souvenir shots inside the Snow Village and photo is priced at 100 pesos per print. The Snow Village was just a very small area with benches, snow scenery and decors. It is really super cold. It was like getting inside a freezer and for just less than 30 minutes we can’t help but shiver! Ice floor was also a bit slippery so it’s good to wear appropriate shoes for it.

Trails to Antarctica is a cool, fun, interesting attraction here in Manila Ocean Park for the whole family and your friends.

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