Friday, 31 August 2012

Inno Sotto "Manila's Prince of Fashion"

There are moments in our life when the heart is so full of gratefulness and all we can do was to smile and feel the moment not to miss the wonder with my 1st ever favorite Fashion Icon Inno Sotto named as "Manila's Prince of Fashion" a renowned fashion designer in the Philippines.

He lived in Manila and the United States. 1980 he won the grand prize for Most Outstanding Designers Competition over Manila’s best fashion designers. This event was held at the Westin Philippine Plaza Hotel, judged by a very select international panel of important fashion figures.

In 1987, he was elected president of Filipino Designers Group (FDG). As president, he initiated and launched the FDG Lifetime Achievement Awards. This award recognized the important contributions of select individuals to Philippine Fashion. He held a one-man show at the Fiesta Pavilion Ballroom of the Manila Hotel, called “Inno Sotto: SOLO.” This major show established him as the country’s top fashion designer for contemporary haute couture.

With our very own Filipino Fashion Icon Mr. Inno Sotto "Manila's Prince of Fashion" 
at JC Buendia 25th Anniversary, Marriott Hotel, Manila

Gentle and awesome "Manila's Prince of Fashion"
Philippines Fashion Icon, Inno Sotto

With my favorite "Manila's Prince of Fashion" Mr. Inno Sotto
Fashion Icon of the Philippines "No One Throw Away Memories"

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

2012 JC Buendia 25th Anniversary

JC Buendia celebrated his 25th year in the fashion industry with a tribute fashion gala by Metro Society at Grand Ballroom Marriott Hotel, Manila on 27th of August 2012.

He is the current President of Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines, a Filipino fashion icon, a favorite of celebrities and high society.

JC Buendia on his 25th Anniversary Gala!

A brilliant man, with a gift of genius in his creations and master pieces for men and women. Classic yet modern at the same time.

~ Mini Trivia ~ 
How I love to remember a very promising classmate and a dear friend JC Buendia in our College years as Fine Arts Major in Interior Design students at the University of Santo Tomas.

Let me share a few of my many favorite things about this young man. In our classroom, we admired this young man who loves to draw his creative fashion ideas in his notebooks even in our academic subjects. Mind you, as we were all beginners, he was already good in drawing his models. He has an eye for beauty and proportion.

JC Buendia Designs and sketches!

Another one was his skill in sewing, it was seen as early as those days when he was making dresses for our classmate Arene San Gregorio's Barbie Dolls. Arene and our other friends were willing to pay him for those miniature creations. He made extra money from that.

All amateurs have their own untold stories, the very inspired young man had a passion to achieve his beautiful dream. They said, when your heart is in your dream, it will come to you and with his pure heart and his passion and hard work that has brought him to the top.

~ In Video ~
Model Ms. Tweety De Leon and Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez Arrival

~ In Video ~
The Host of the night model Ms. Karen Pamintuan 

The time stop for a moment. 

~ In Video ~ 
60 Days earlier 

50-piece collection inspired by movies and TV shows.
The Sound of Music, Funny Face, Roman Holiday,
The Princess Diaries, Sex and the City and Downtown Abbey.

~ In Video
To mark his very own solo fashion gala,
50 pieces of elegant,
sophisticated and stylish pieces for both men and women. 

~ In Video ~ 
The men's suit and more 

~ In Video ~ 
The Fashion Finale

~ In Video ~ 
The Moment for JC Buendia

JC Buendia's fabulous entrance was riding on his own bicycle, imagine everyone's joyful emotion and tears of happiness, happy laughter into thrilling laughter and screaming of praises all over the room.

The fabulous entrance of JC Buendia!

Congratulations to our Dear Fashion Designer

The big event was very well attended. 
Joy, love, friendship, respect, and oneness was very much observed from the very moment anyone arrived.

 JC Buendia and Princess Sol

Proud to be Thomasian! 
Philippine's Fashion Icon
Inno Sotto

Mr. Jackie Aquino 25th Fashion Show Director
Congratulations Mr. Jackie Aquino and to Metro Society team.
The event and the show run lively and smoothly
 and was very organized.

Metro Society Staff with JC Buendia, Liz Uy
and Raymond Gutierrez

Night with JC's Earl Grey Tea Bar
of Machiavelu Chocolatier

~ Some of the Prominent Guest ~

Actress, Host, Congresswoman Ms. Lucy Torres Gomez
and daughter Juliana
"Fashionista"  Ms. Tessa Valdez

"Fashionista" Ms. Tessa Valdez

Actress Ms. Angel Locsin

Actress Ms. Angel Locsin

Model Ms. Phoemela Baranda

Artist Ms. Liz Uy

Model Ms. Tetta Ortiz

Genius Ms. Shaira Luna

Actor Mr. Franco Laurel

Actor Mr. Raymond Gutierrez

Actor Mr. Boom Labrusca

~ Fashion Show Photos ~