Wednesday, 11 May 2016

25th Wedding Day of Raul and Rizza

On that sunny day of May 11, 2016 my Hubby and I entered Santo Domingo Church in Quezon City, the aisle lined with bright red carpet and white roses. I sat down with my husband and watched a very romantic event unfold before our eyes. It's the 25th Wedding Anniversary, Renewal of Vows, of my dearest best friends Raul and Rizza.

Rizza wore a stunning off white gown as she and her husband, Raul in a superb black coat, walked down the aisle towards the altar. Their eyes shone with love. The ceremony was so beautiful and touched the hearts of everyone in attendance. After the ceremony, we went to the reception which was held at the Sea Wall Side of Sofitel Garden with the background scene, the beautiful sunset at Manila Bay.

I know exactly the true meaning of a 25th Wedding Renewal of  Vows, the simple way to express the couple’s love and share their love story with those close to them. I was so touched and fascinated with everything that on impulse, I was so inspired to share this great event of this two lovely individual nonetheless my best friend. Our congratulations once again, Rizza and Raul. Looking forward to the great Golden Wedding Anniversary! Cheers!

Raul and Rizza on their 25th Wedding Anniversary
May 11, 2016 at Santo Domingo Church

Photos at Santo Domingo Church

The most adorable Altar of Nuestra Senora at the side chapel of Santo Domingo Church.

Priest Chair and the beautiful white flowers.

The lovely couple, Raul and Rizza
Father Robert, Regent of UST  (HS Classmate of Raul) 
and their 3rd child Robert singing with the mini orchestra.

We we're so honored to be here again after 25 years as part of their secondary sponsors.
Tony and Sol, Secondary Sponsor Veil 

Family moment!

Photos on Reception Dinner at Sofitel Plaza, Manila Bay

Fabulous Garden of Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila Bay 

Romantic Sunset in a windy cold afternoon at Manila Bay.

Romantic flower arrangements for the reception tables.

Happy Bride just arrive at the reception.

Candid shot of a happy bride.

Happy guest, happy day and happy family.

Groom Raul with couple's great friends Vince and Kennette.

Groom Raul with long time classmate and friends Architect Henry Morales and wife Risa.

Good friends Architect Raul Almendral and Engr. Tony Albar

Awesome night with the Del Rosario Ladies.

Happy for Raul and Rizza's guest of honor arrival Architect Eny Villegas and wife Dra. Carina
together with Architect Henry Morales and Mommy Linda Almendral.

Sweet reunion with the awesome Padi's Point staff.

Happy evening with adorable Len Almendral.

Light moment with awesome kids Robert and Angel.

Sweet moment with Nerie Mendiola, a faithful God's servant in many ways. 

Mesmerizing smile with the Del Rosario sisters.

Fantastic moment with the charming bride and dear sweet friend for all season.
It's quite relaxing to be with our family and friends.

One of the fantastic and most favorite moment of the night!
I love this very candid shot of ours.

We're so honored to be with Raul and Rizza's special day today.
We're here 25 years ago and we're looking forward to be here again for another 25 years.
Go for Gold! 

Then and Now Photo
Then May 11, 1991 Secondary Sponsor Candle and
 Now May 11, 2016  Secondary Sponsor Veil