Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sister Emma Dizon a Marian Devotee and Visionary

Time flies so past and it's been more than a decade since the last time we saw and hugged each other so tight. "Di pa uso ang Facebook pero" we never lost in touch. 

I still remember how Me and my husband 1st met Sister Emma Dizon, a visionary, a blue blooded Marian Devotee and a founder of Mama Mary Apostolate Cursillo. 

I can't believe that you’re gone so early my friend. I miss that I’ll never be able to visit you again in your sweet home.  I miss you and a true friend in you and that I’ll never have it again the way your comforting thoughts delivers to me with gladness when you wrap your arms around Me and give Me a big, big hug.

As you were dying, did you wonder if people would remember you? Then let me tell you that I will remember you forever and hold you close in my heart.

I wonder what you were thinking as your life ended. I remember you can even see or predict your last day and that was it. Did you wonder if your life mattered? Then let me tell you that it did. That in those few days together in Cursillo and in your many apostolate works you touched my heart with your kindness, your laughter, your positive energy. And above all else with your beautiful heart, beautiful smile full of faith in God. I wan't you to know how I value your seed in me, including your propagation of Divine Mercy and as part of it I continue meditating my chaplet of Mercy. 

Priceless souvenir picture of Me with Sister Emma Dizon 
(Photo taken by Tony Albar)