Thursday, 1 August 2013

UST Bb. Atelier 1986 Personality Quest

The Catholic University of the Philippines, UST opens each school year Bb Atelier CAFA personality quest. This is one of the UST yearly school traditions. The 1st step to pre-qualify students in joining the prestigious search for the Miss UST,  the Ideal Thomasian Personality. The annual intercollegiate search highlights the values in the Thomasian identity of compassion, competence, and commitment organized by the UST Student Organizations Coordinating Council (UST SOCC) Scarlet Organization.

Maria Consolacion Abad Dayo
UST  CAFA Bb. Atelier 1986 ~ 3rd Finalist
College of Architecture and Fine Arts, Interior Design
(This picture was one of the two official entry for the Ms. Photogenic)
The Natural Morning Beauty ~ No make up entry

Maria Consolacion Abad Dayo ~ 3rd Finalist
College of Architecture and Fine Arts, Interior Design

Mardi Gras Gown Costume
Sponsored by Camp Suki

Mardi Gras Gown Costume
Thank you so much, Camp Suki

Dance number

Presenting the Finalist
Architect Eugene Lejano serenades the ladies
Question and Answer Portion

Talent Portion

3rd Finalist Trophy

UST Bb. Atelier 1986 Personality Quest
~ In Video ~

My dear family 
Me, My Mom Miriam, Ate Suntz, 
(I forgot the name of the guy in front of Nap) 
Nap Sulit, Glenn, Prudence, Ate Emma, Minda, Ate Tess, Ramil and John Peter

Thank you so much to my Mom, siblings, Nap, close friends, relatives, and friends.

From the bottom of my grateful heart, I would like to dedicate this blog to all of you.
I am always thankful to God for giving me to all of you and all of you to me.
Thank you so much for all your love, trust, confidence, support, presence and concern for my own good at all times and more in this quest. I owe my strength and courage from all of you during my busy rehearsals and especially on my big night.

As always,