Sunday, 20 September 2015

Quick Fix

It was a spectacle of hairstyles and clothes fashioned by Bench Fix Salon and BenchTm at the Mega Fashion Hall. It was also a meet and greet with John Prats and Diego Loyzaga. It was a delight watching John dance and Diego sing.

These quick fix products easily caught my interest for my boys daily hair needs. 

Bench Quick Fix Styling Tool

Warm and polite Diego Loyzaga.

Awesome and pleasant John Prats and his souvenir.

John has a cute face of a boy but has muscles like Superman!

Keann Johnson

One of the pretty models in the show.

My kind of Sunday afternoon. Wink!

A visit to my favorite coffee shop and a visual feast of the coolest styles. 

Monday, 7 September 2015

Saturday Ice Cream Date

It's sunny Saturday afternoon, I decided to have a change of scenery and visited my dear friend, designer JC Buendia. I went to pick him up from his atelier in Quezon City and as I promised him a long time ago, we will go on a food trip. We were both craving for ice cream and we wanted to go down memory lane and so we agreed on going to the new Magnolia Ice Cream House in Robinson's Magnolia.

I love going to JC's work place as I get to see his exquisite gowns neatly arranged in a rack before they are picked up by his clients. I noticed his niece Mita was helping him now in supervising the dressmakers. That particular afternoon, she was wearing a soft denim shirt dress. It was really very chic that I told her - ija, I love your dress, is that made by your Tito? Mita in an amused smile told me in her soft voice - Tita Sol, this is Zalora, I just ordered it on line.

After our fill of Peach Melba and showbiz chismis, we called it a day. As soon as I got home, I opened my laptop to check and order my first Zalora dress.

JC's rack of exquisite gowns

Our favorite Peach Melba Ice Cream

Photo from
I went online right away to look for the
dress JC's niece Mita was wearing.

After just a few days, my first order arrives!

Oh! I love Zalora online catalog, it makes me enjoy more my online shopping. I can choose from their variety of selections in my most convenient time and way.

While browsing I suddenly remember my son needs one good rubber shoes. I love their varieties. These basketball shoes from Zalora to step up my son's game.

Photo from
"NIKE Jordan Rising High Basketball Shoes"

These basketball shoes from Zalora to step up your game.
Basketball shoes from Zalora