Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mr. Ismail Sharif "The Golfer"

Long live to our Dear Champion

A great man with a great heart.
UAE National Golf Champion for seven-times

UAE National Golf Champion for seven-times, magnificent Emirati man 
Mr. Ismail Sharif is a great person with a great heart. 
He adds so much inspiration to others living in his own way. 

Knowing him, He is just Him. He is a calm person, he keeps and maintained his cool temperament in many ways, in different situations and circumstances. 

Perhaps his being cool is his greatest secret in playing an error-free game to achieve an impressive shot that leads him to multiple victories and holds the "National" title.

Businessman and a UAE National Golf Champion for Seven times

You are a wonderfully giving person inside and out. A thoughtful treasured friend without a doubt. And we just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of our grateful and thankful heart. "Tony & Sol Albar"

Awesome Mr. Ismail Sharif
The UAE National Golf Champion for seven-times
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