Friday, 18 November 2016

Sol Albar Thanksgiving

Celebrating another milestone in my life with my family, closest friends and relatives was truly one of my many memorable celebrations to cherish for years to come. The renewal of love and friendship for all of us gathered on my thanksgiving day was extremely joyful, celebrating the joy of 50 years in my life with theirs, the ultimate blessing of life for 5 decades. The priceless moments for each decade with all of them will always be my precious gift of today and our sweet and kind memories of today will be my gift for them and my blessings to spend for tomorrow.

It's been a while before my golden birthday my husband gave a compliment to me "You aged to perfection!" he knew me when I was younger, he likes what I turned into and I believed, the years have been good to me, the woman in me is aging well. The understanding of life and the difference from my other birthday's made me more grateful to celebrate my thanksgiving more meaningful.

Being fifty is like living in a penthouse. You get the most amazing view of your life and still have a lot of time left to have fun and enjoy. Look back at the life and think about the good old days. Time will fly, things will change, but those memories will always stay in our hearts.

I entered into this world an innocent beautiful baby girl full of life and love and no expectations other than having a full, loving life. I am a half of a century years old now. I had to stop and take a moment of reflection. I have been around for a long time. I have had and lost much, but most of all I have had the pleasure of having some inspirational people in my life over the years. I thought about sharing some of my wisdom and decided to stop and breathe, enjoying each breath and the peace that it brings to my soul.

I have come to realize that each generation has something to overcome. I have reached a place in my life today that I know what is really important in my life here and after. The three things that matter, how much I loved, how gently I lived and how gracefully I let go of things that are not meant for Me.

Wisdom and experience come at a cost and with that in mind, I would rather be the age I am now than to be fumbling through my 20s and 30s again, still trying to figure out life, still needing to learn the lessons God has already taught me, and still making the mistakes I no longer want to repeat. Thank you, God, for lessons learned, experiences gained, and wisdom that comes through living life.

This day brings a greater appreciation for life and health. At 50, I am now witnessing what others my age and older experience, the heartbreak of watching loved one's age, the realization that my body cannot (or does not want to) do the things it did when it was much younger, and so on. Yet, the sobering realization that I will one day face these heartaches that many others have is somehow a comfort, knowing there is one who goes before me who has already seen it all. Thank you, God, that you are going before me in this season of life and you know all about what lies ahead.

I have more reason now to care for my body than ever before. Scripture says our bodies are a temple of God. The better I care for that temple, the longer I can serve him in it. Funny how age changes your perception on things like this. From ages 18-48 I was motivated to eat a lot. Today, it's more about staying in shape to keep my body parts from aching, to keep my heart beating steadily, and to prevent injury that results from prolonged inactivity. Thank you, Lord, that I can still enjoy my working on my Autocad drawings and presentations, preparing my sample material board and color schemes, and sometimes writing. Thank you, God, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and even in the aging process and that you watch over every beat of my heart. And thank you for daily opportunities to exercise, walk outdoors, and move this body you have given me.

The relationship with God becomes sweeter with age. There is one thing that comforts me day in and day out, especially on days when I can't figure myself out or understand many things. He is familiar with all my ways. All my days were ordained before me and he has written every one of them in his book. I remember my British Manager Mr. David Taylor told me that God has written a book about each of us, that is how much we are in his heart. That means he has followed the story of my life and yours. He was the God of my childhood, the God of my teenage years, the God of my honeymoon and parenting years. And he is now the God of the second half of my life, just as well as the first half. There is something comforting knowing that God has seen my life from beginning to end, and as I am in the second half of it inching toward the end, he is there to guide me to the finish line. For this reason, I can be content "forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead" and "I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus" 

I learned life is not about the destination, but the journey that counts the most.

I can heartily say that I am blessed to be growing old with a wonderful loving husband
and with our awesome son.

Thank you so much, Mr. JC Buendia, 
you are nice and I appreciated you, and your cool way to surprise me with the crown.
I really like the way you set everything up and made it an awesome time for Me and everyone.

Grateful Moment
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My husband gave a compliment to me "You aged to perfection!"

Aged to Perfection
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The longer I am around with genuinely generous and caring people the more I appreciate life.

The Journey That Counts the Most
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The relationship with God becomes sweeter with age.

Blessings and Prayer
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Renewal of Love and Friendship 
"Through the Years"
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Words cannot express the gratitude I felt when I think about people who remains closed to me,
all of you are truly a blessing in my life.

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18th Birthday