House and Car Blessing in the Philippines

HOUSE BLESSING in the Philippines
The occasion provides a special opportunity for a gathering of the members of the family to mark the joyful event and to thank God, from whom all blessings come, for the gift of a new home.

For Catholics, I strongly suggest that pa-bless ninyo Sacred Heart then mount it above the door before the priest formally begins everything. This way you are welcoming Him and Him alone into your home. Ang mauunang papasok dapat sa bahay ay yun priest with his assistant. Followed dapat ng owner at partner o asawa niya. Sabay sila dapat and carrying a blessed religious image. The next that should follow the couple should be the children of the owner of the place. Hindi kasama pa ang anak o apo ng said children. By rank NOT unless one is of the dragon sign. If one of the couple who owns the place is of the dragon sign dapat a step back. If its one of the children or apo dapat sa huling huli sila but before the rest of the guests o hindi relative/family member that will reside sa place. This is because malakas masyado ang sign ng dragon. They, the next to follow the owners to enter the place, should carry with them the usual stuff. Salt, rice, water, sugar, oil, etc. Ang bawal lang muna pumasok maliban sa mga naghahanap lang ng libreng tsibog ay mga pregnant women. This way the unstable chi that is still in the area will not influence the unborn child.

Throwing Coins
The homeowner also performs his own blessing by throwing coins on housewarming day to bring luck. According to The Philippine Star newspaper, "The house blessing also included the customary tossing of coins which is a very Filipino tradition that signifies the shower of blessings and the spirit of sharing luck. This custom is typically observed at house blessings or housewarming parties where new dwellers open their house to relatives, guests, and neighbors."

After the blessing is done prepare a seat for the priest and his assistant. It is best kung seated siya at the head of the table to bless it too.

Setting up House
The east windows are open "to let God's grace in" more coins are put into the cornerstone of house or below the master bedroom and finally, a statue of Christ the King, Sacred Heart of Jesus or Immaculate Heart of Mary (sometimes all three) is set around the house.

CAR BLESSING in the Philippines
Having a car blessed is like praying very fervently for the safety of the occupants and for the success of the vehicle for its intended use as transport. It also offers a car up as part of God's domain. One will know this if one actually listens to the prayer.

Sacred Heart
Creative ways of blessing your home
Praying for your house can involve physical acts, and encompass the different senses.

Physically laying hands on the walls of your property and praying, or sprinkling water on the walls/floors!

Light incense or scented candles in the rooms

Hang artwork that is in some way symbolic of your faith or light a candle in each room

Sing a simple song of worship or play one on a CD and welcome the presence of God into your property.

Also consider walking round the boundaries of your property (if this is possible, or if not, round the block of houses that your home sits in). Joshua in the Old Testament walked around Jericho seven times before he saw the purposes of God fulfilled.