Monday, 25 May 2015

Philippine child wonder Niño Muhlach and his son Alonzo

I love Niño Muhlach "Tahan na Empoy, tahan (1977)" and his excellent contribution to the Philippine arts and movie industry. 

I still remember when I first saw Niño in his relative's house in Pandacan, this rosy cheeks little boy, a truly gifted child wonder of the Philippines would always be in my sweetest childhood memory. His outstanding charisma makes me understand the true meaning of God's gift of the Holy Spirit "Charisma". 

After so many years, how sweet it is to see him again with obvious God's miracle and its wonder with good things like this? Philippine wonder boy Niño really looks like his adorable son Alonzo.

Niño was born to Alexander Muhlach and Rebecca Rocha, he has five siblings. The nephew of Amalia Fuentes and Alvaro Muhlach, his cousins Aga Muhlach and Arlene Muhlach were also actors. He was the owner of D'Wonder Films, which produced most of his films in the 1970s/80s. He was dubbed the "Child Wonder of the Philippines" for making films which garnered both critical and commercial success. He holds the title of highest-paid child actor in the history of Filipino cinema. He is the owner of Megamelt Bakeshop, home of Muhlach Ensaymada.

Adorable Alonzo is Niño's son with Diane Tupaz, Alonzo Muhlach, stars in ABS-CBN's (2015) "Inday Bote," as Entoy (member of the Duwende Family) is one of my favorite teleserye.

Awesome moment with child wonderful Niño Muhlach
and his adorable son Alonzo at Oasis of Love Fiesta Celebration
(Photo taken after Mass celebration of Pentecost Day.)

You Tube: Niño Muhlach. Milk Maid Commercial

You Tube: Niño Muhlach