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Ms. Germany left a souvenir for the Philippines

To start my story, I think it was God's grace and plan for me meeting the beautiful and stunning Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs through her Personal Adviser, and friend Mr. Frederick Carpio Lobaton, a Filipino/Spanish Host and Event Organizer based in Hamburg, Germany.

Mr. Frederick Lobaton asked me if I could help them find a school in Manila where to donate Miss Germany's Headdress. "Miss Germany's wish is to leave the headpiece to a school in Manila."

I asked them why did Ms. Germany choose a school?

Mr.Frederick and Ms.Franciska said that Miss Germany's wish to leave the headpiece to a school in Manila. She wishes that a school in Manila shall keep it safe and preserve the history of her Headdress and for everyone to see not just the present but the future generations as well.

Ms. Franciska said, that her sister was so grateful that she finds Filipinos so very enthusiastic and nice not just to every candidate but to all delegates of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. She finds herself very lucky to experience the beauty of the Philippines and its people. And, from her grateful heart, she wants to leave something close to her heart to the Filipinos, her Headdress, where it signifies her real appreciation of her best lifetime experience with the Filipino people. She appreciated the warmth of the Filipino people and she finds it worthy also to remember that genuine Filipino hospitality.

I, myself being Filipino and an Interior Designer who appreciates beauty and art, I could feel the sincerity in the heart of Miss Germany Johanna Acs, for appreciating true Filipino hospitalities and values.

I find in them a pure heart upon listening to their vision and in my mind, If I accepted the responsibility I will accept it with their full trust in me and I shall accept on behalf of all the Filipinos.

I told Mr. Frederick that I will be glad to help them. Right away, Mr.Frederick informed Ms. Franciska Acs, the younger sister of Ms. Germany Johanna Acs about me and she was so delighted and thankful that I will help them.

So I suggested to them, the University of Santo Tomas, my alma matter. I was a graduate of this Institution in 1987, College of Architecture and Fine Arts major in Interior Design. (I could see her warm approval while I am describing my school UST)

Instantly, they got so very interested that they offered it to me and for me to turn-over it to UST on behalf of Miss Germany.

Since Ms. Franciska is not familiar with UST and has been asking about it, I told her about my Alma Mater and the Alma Mater of many famous people including Miss Universe Philippines Charlene Gonzales, Miriam Quiambao, Janine Tugunon who were Miss Universe Finalist and 1st runner ups.

I told her that UST is the oldest Catholic Pontifical University of the Philippines, run by Dominican Friars. It was founded 1611 and we just celebrated our 400 years 5 years ago. UST is recognized in many countries around the world.

After my last word, Mr.Frederick and Ms.Franciska told me right away that I will be the one to accept the headdress in the presence of media. I ask them when? They said, now, the media is ready and we're just waiting for the Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs. You will receive the headdress and you will be our representative to your school in Manila.

After a few minutes, I saw Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs coming to us and I just waited there, while Franciska and Frederick approached Miss Germany Johanna Acs. They introduced me to Miss Germany Johanna and she was so happy and delighted to meet me.

The turnover happened right away.

Johanna Acs said, "It's a gift, a good gesture because the Philippines has treated us and me so nice so I just wanna say thank you and leave a small part of Germany here in the Philippines."

I accepted the responsibility with gladness and enthusiasm and received the headdress on behalf of the Filipino people.

After the turn-over, I was introduced to the parents of Miss Germany who were also so pleased to meet me.

As I am seated next to Mr. Frederick at the lobby, I silently told him how happy I am and that my heart is so grateful and a bit curious during those precious moments. Was it really me, Frederick? And he said it is destined for you. Off course we will not just give it to anyone. We choose YOU among those so many people we meet during our stay.

With that, he said, “What can I say? But, “Thank you so much. “

After the ceremony, Miss Germany with her family will leave for their trip to Palawan, but before they left she handed a red bag to Frederick for me. The red bag was full of goodies and assorted souvenirs which I shared to some new friends at the hotel.

It was then that the Media people from different stations started to leave and disappear one by one.

As my husband arrived, we left the hotel to bring the headdress for temporary safekeeping at home. The following day, I started contacting people to begin the process of donation to UST Museum.

The Castle Headdress of Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs
65th Miss Universe Pageant National Costume Headpiece
January 31, 2017, at Conrad Luxury Hotel, Philippines, Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs
handed to Sol Albar Interior Designer the headdress
to donate to a school in Manila for a good cause.

The National Costume for Miss Germany was designed by Mr. Christian Pelayo
from the brand Xtian Collection, with the able assistance of Mr. Jacob Muehlhausen and
 Ms. Heather Baughman who did the decorations.

The concept
was to show the fantasy world of the Brothers Grimm.
The German authors and storytellers.
We wanted to capture the magical
and mystical castles told by the tales.
The cost of the headdress is about U$2,000.00
and took several weeks to complete.
It has LED lights that frame the top of the castle
and finish up the final look.

Castle Headdress Description
Weight: 2 Kilos
Size: 17 ½” Depth x 16” Width x 23” height
Made of Paper Mache
Made in Los Angeles, California

Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs and Mr. Frederick Carpio Lobaton
Presenting the Castle Headdress to media.

I accepted the responsibility with gladness and enthusiasm and
received the headdress on behalf of the Filipino people.

Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs and her Castle Headdress
Mr. Frederick Lobaton and Sol Albar Interior Designer

Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs
(YouTube Video)

Franciska Acs
(YouTube Video)

Miss Universe Germany Team
Franciska Acs, Frederick Lobaton, Johanna Acs,
Jozsef Acs (Father) Violetta Palatinus Acs (Mother)

Assorted souvenirs from the red bag which the family and supporters of
Miss Germany used for cheering.

Box of the Castle Headdress
Size: Square 18" x 18"

My pleasure to meet Miss Franciska Acs

Mr. Frederick Carpio Lobaton
Filipino/Spanish host and Event organizer
based in Hamburg Germany
Personal Adviser and friend of
Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs

President and CEO
of miss pacific International and
Mister Gentleman International
since 2009 in Europe National

Director of Miss Supranational Germany and
Mister Supranational Sweden

Franchise Owner of
Miss Asia Pacific International Germany
and Mister Tourism World Germany and Sweden

Christian Pelayo
Is a Mexican/American designer
based in Los Angeles California.

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