Thursday, 14 February 2013

The 60th Wedding Anniversary

The Inspiring Love Story of
 Justice Ricardo Puno Sr. and Priscilla Puno 
The true Love Story to last a lifetime!

April 14, 1945

Thank you for your kind presence at our our modest
celebration of sixty (60) years of love and commitment,
and of enduring family together. We shall continue to
appreciate, cherish and treasure uour valuable friendship
and will always rememeber you in our prayers.
~ Dick and Cheling Puno and Family ~

60th Wedding Anniversary!

Renewal of vows!

Paul Villanueva, Jovianne Cruz, Sol Albar, Eggy Cruz

Ched Villanueva, Paul Villanueva, Jiovanne Cruz,
Tony Albar, Eggy Cruz

Our Invitation

Tony Albar

Sol Albar